What I talk about when I talk about content strategy

Content strategy definition
Getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery, and governance.

Content Strategy Alliance Charter

Define it. That’s the first thing you have to do when talking about content strategy.

It’s the law, because everyone has their own definition. I could trot out the usual suspects when it comes to what content strategy is but you can read the Wikipedia entry on content strategy definitions yourself. I picked my current favourite for the top of this post.

Pithy one liners are a good starting point – and if a field biased towards copywriters can’t come up with one, we’re doomed – but there’s a lot hidden behind each word. For starters, what is ‘content’? I might have referred to copywriters two sentences ago, but one thing’s for sure: content ain’t just copy.

What I talk about when I talk about content strategy‘ will be my attempt to set out in detail, beyond a one liner, what I think content strategy is and the work it entails.

Apart from that, the blog as a whole will feature a mix of news, tips, critique, opinion and, let’s face it, snark. I’ll also point to useful resources and articles created by cleverer people than me.

And finally, this site in general will be single reference point for the (shareable, sanitised, redacted and non-confidential versions of) presentations, templates and references I use and have used in the course of providing content strategy consulting services through my company Interlocute.